Not many! The emphasis will be on fun and relaxed racing as is the spirit of this class.

  1. General Rules

    1. All cars to represent full size short course trucks or stadium trucks.
    2. Classes - This series is open to all 1/10th Scale 2wd and 4wd Short Course Trucks and Stadium Trucks.
    3. Motors
      1. 4WD Short Course - Brushed or brushless motors allowed either 540 or 550 size.
      2. 2WD Short Course – Brushed or brushless 540 size motors allowed.
      3. 2WD Stadium Truck – Brushed or brushless 540 size motors allowed.
    4. Batteries - 7.2 volt MiMH or NiCd or 7.2 volt 2 Cell Hard Case LiPo maximum allowed (LiPo batteries from the ROAR, BRCA or EFRA approved lists recommended). LiPo batteries to be charged in a LiPo charging sack.
    5. General Construction - car must be constructed / design not to cause personal injury. E.g. no sharp edges, enclosed gears, bumpers to be suitable material such as plastic or rubber.
    6. Speed Controller - Speed controllers with reverse will be allowed, but penalties will be given for incorrect use (see rule 5.4).
  2. Short Course Truck Specific Rules

    1. Bumpers - SCT style front and rear bumpers must be fitted in lines with existing manufacturers trucks.
    2. Wheels and Tyres
      1. Only specific 1/10th short course wheels and tyres allowed (2.2" outer bead and 3.0" inner bead). No converted 1/8th buggy wheels.
      2. Only commercially available tyres allowed.
    3. Body - Only 1/10th short course bodies allowed, with enclosed wheel arches, minimum cut outs and be a true representation of the full size vehicle. No add on spoilers / wings allowed.
    4. Rear Wings - No bolt on aftermarket or home-made rear spoilers / rear wings allowed. Manufacturer rear spoilers / rear wings moulded into the finished bodyshell are allowed.
    5. Vehicle Dimensions:
      Dimension Minimum Maximum
      Wheel Base: 320mm 335mm
      Overall Width: 273mm 296mm
  3. Stadium Truck Specific Rules

    1. This class is intended for 1/10th scale stadium trucks, for example the RC10T4, Losi 22T etc.3.1 Stadium trucks are being run as a support class. A minimum of 6 entries will be required to run the heat at each round.
    2. As a support class for championship trophies to be presented a minimum of 5 drivers must complete the minimum number of rounds as specified in rule 5.2.5.
  4. Entry

    1. Entry will be via this web site or booking in on the day. Priority will always be given to drivers that have pre-booked and pre-paid should a meeting entry be at its maximum.
    2. The Pre-booking entry fee of £10.00 per round for your 1st class and £5.00 per round for your 2nd class must be paid on booking in online.
    3. The booking in on the day entry fee will be £15.00 per round for your 1st class and £5.00 per round for your second class.
    4. Drivers wanting to pre-pay for the complete series at £8.00 per round please email
    5. Drivers who pre-book but fail to turn up to the meeting without notifying the organisers may be required to pre-pay for the next two rounds to secure their place.
  5. Race Rules

    1. Marshalling Requirements
      1. All drivers are required to marshal the race following their own or to agree a substitute with race control.
      2. All marshals to be BRCA members.
      3. Marshals to remain at their posts until replaced
      4. All Marshals to wear a high visibility vest while on the track
    2. Race Format
      1. All races to be 5 minute duration (plus an allowance for the last lap).
      2. Starts will be as per BRCA 10th off road rules. Staggered starts for qualifying rounds, and 2 car side by side grid starts with 4m row spacing for finals. (Where the length of the straight allows 5m spacing will be used).
      3. Four round of qualifying plus finals for all drivers attending the meeting (weather and time permitting, if 2 rounds of qualifying are completed then these rounds will count towards the series, if less than 2 rounds completed and the meeting can't be rearranged the required number of rounds for the series will be reduced).
      4. Round by round qualifying to be used (2 rounds to count).
      5. Series to be best 4 rounds out of 6 with count back in the event of a tie and for each round 100 available for both qualifying and finals giving a possible maximum score for each round of 200.
    3. Timing
      1. Timing will be with AMB RC3 equipment, personal transponders are recommended although some clubs will have hand out transponders available.
    4. Transponders
      1. It is the driver’s responsibility to securely fit the transponder to their car before the start of any race.
      2. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the transponder functions with adequate signal strength. If the transponder malfunctions, competitors may have their laps recorded manually providing that:-
        • The transponder starts the race clock for the heat or final.
        • The Race Director is satisfied that the car was circulating during any missed laps. If the transponder does not record a finishing time, then the Race Director may award final lap(s) based on any recorded
        • information available. This procedure will only be adopted once for each competitor in any individual event.
    5. Refereeing
      1. A rostrum referee will be in place for heats and finals at the discretion of the Race Director. The host club will in the first instance be required to provide a suitably experience driver to fulfil this role.
    6. Penalties
      1. It's the aim to keep the series a fun and safe event to enter, but penalties will be issued at the race director's and or refree's discretion. Penalties could be given for the following infringements.
      • for T-boning / hacking (intentionally or unintentionally taking out another driver)
      • Driving the wrong way around the round the track
      • skipping or cutting the track by going over the hoses
      • Abusive behaviour
    7. Scrutineering
      1. Trucks will be checked to ensure they comply with the general and class specific rules at booking in and randomly through out the race meeting should an issue arise.
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